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Summer 2017 - Travelers

About Travelers

Travelers is an insurance company that offers auto insurrance, car insurrance, and others to millions of people in America. They are the second largest writer of U.S. commercial property casualty insurance and the largest writer of U.S. personal insurance through independent agents. (wikipedia)

Internship Overview

I will be working in the IT Department. Other details are unknown as this internship hasn't happened yet, and is over the summer.

Summer 2016 - Bud Orange

About Bud Orange

Bud Orange is a small startup based out of Washington DC and California. Most of the team members are located in California, but many work remote. They are focused on creating a web application (and later, mobile apps) that allow the user to see restaurants in their local area and order food from them, with a focus on health. The app has a green rating, where closer to 100 is the most healthy option. The application can facilitate ordering and delivery of food to the customer, or simply act as a way to find healthy (but also delicious) food in your area.

Internship Overview

At Bud Orange, I worked remote. I used my own hardware, such as my laptop, desktop, and server hardware in order to set up a development environment for working in Ruby on Rails. Ruby is a programming language, and Rails is a framework built on top of Ruby that facilitates web integration and development.
We used Trello boards to keep track of our ideas and goals, and could check off items we are working on. We used Git and Github to track everyone's changes to the code, and integrate them all into one cohesive whole. summary description of work


Summer 2015 - United Way of CT

About United Way

United Way is a global organization that is in the business of helping people through working with charities, fundraising, personal support, and more. They run the 211 call center, and many important services to help people, such as information on housing, disaster assistance, food, health, safety, and more.

Internship Overview

At United Way, I worked from 8:30am to 5pm on Tuesday through Thursday, due to not being able to drive yet, and having to rely on my mother for transportation. I was tasked with working in on many different projects, including removing old desktops, putting in new thin clients, and unboxing, imaging, and rolling out new laptops. I also worked on scripting, and some virtual machine infrastructure services.



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