Self Driving Cars

Revolution for Transportation

Significant Advancement

Creation to Remember


The creation of self-driving cars will revolutionize transportation. This is because they will require no user intervention under normal operation, freeing up the “driver” to do any other task other than driving. This extra time can be used to relax, get more work done, or any other combination of things. Because of this, the creation and popularization of self driving cars will go down as a significant event in history.

One of Google's first prototype self driving cars
One of Google’s first prototype self driving cars

What makes them significant?

This is significant because travel time is a huge waste of time in current society. For some people, like me, a place that I have to go to every day is an hour away, which is wasted time. If I had to drive during that time, I lose approximately 2 hours that I could have used to be productive. People who commute to work every day instead of getting a ride are losing tons of time that they could be using to get things done, or to relax.

Significant reasons

  • Revolutionizes how people get from place to place.
  • Saves time for consumers by them not having to drive themselves, can get other work done.
  • Improved safety because the car sees things faster and more accurately than humans.
One of Google's more recent self-driving cars
One of Google’s more recent self-driving cars

Why will they be remembered?

This event will go down in history because once they are available, they will start to be used everywhere. They will start off as a luxury item, but as the technology matures and becomes cheaper, they’ll soon become more popular than traditional vehicles, and proliferate.

Reasons to rememeber

  • Will be used by everyone eventually
  • Significant increases in time for productivity
  • Tons of “buzz” around them
  • Cheaper insurance rates
Some of Tesla's higher end models come with "Autopilot" assisted steering and driving
Some of Tesla’s higher end models come with “Autopilot” assisted steering and driving

Supporting/Historical Examples

  • Cars themselves saved people time by decreasing travel time.
  • People are working longer hours in order to get more work, travel time is a significant waste
  • Insurance rates are high due to accidents, self-driving cars are safer and would decrease accidents, therefore decreasing insurance rates.

The Future?

There are many concept renderings of what future self driving cars may look like. This is one of them