Impact of Transcontinental Railroad

The impact of the Transcontinental Railroad was significant and changed the U.S. greatly.


One of its impacts was it created a fast route to transport goods from far away areas. For example, this could be used to collect goods from far away farms in a fast enough manner that they would not go bad.


Another impact it had was it made travel faster in general. People could travel large distances much faster than ever before, making them more likely to travel those distances in the first place.


The railroad helped to create trade routes, which brought in business for excess American goods, as well as brought goods in to America that they couldn’t easily produce themselves.


There was also a dark impact though. The railroads disrupted nature and damaged more of the Indian’s homes by traveling directly through them. This further complicated life for the Native Americans by making it harder to hunt because the animals were being scared away by the loud trains.


Path of the Transcontinental Railroad

Path of the Transcontinental Railroad

This image shows the path of the Transcontinental Railroad, and the states it went through.